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Muller CO-AX


Muller CO-AX Valves

Muller CO-AX was formed in Germany in the 1960s. Today this manufacturer is a leader of the market of pipeline equipment in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

Muller CO-AX equipment is used in different branches of industry:

  • mechanical engineering and manufacture of various machines, etc.;
  • metallurgy;
  • oil production and its refining;
  • chemical industry;
  • motor-vehicle construction and ship-building.

Furthermore, Muller CO-AX products are used in agriculture, process management and environmental cleanup.

The manufacturer produces about twenty thousand different valves which are widely used in all production industries.

Coaxial valves of Muller CO-AX are characterized by structural integrity and reliability, resistance to aggressive media and durability.

All products of this manufacturer fully comply with the European quality standards and norms. They are certified.

It is important to note that such equipment as coaxial valves may operate within a wide range of temperature and pressure values. The manufacturer developed a unique product designed to control flows of heterogeneous mixtures of liquids as well as gases and other aggressive media.

In Muller CO-AX product mix one can also find:

  • devices designed for pressure adjustment;
  • modular valves;
  • valves designed for operation under high pressure;
  • cassette valves;
  • conventional coaxial valves and externally-controlled valves.

Furthermore, the manufacturer offers special purpose valves. A wide product range also makes it possible to choose explosion-proof coaxial valves.

Industrial equipment of Muller CO-AX is made from high-strength and high-grade materials. It may be:

  • galvanized steel;
  • brass;
  • stainless steel;
  • nickel-plated steel, etc.

Muller CO-AX is a guarantee of unrivaled German quality and durability.

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