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Milton Roy


Milton Roy Dosing Systems

For eight years, ADL has been the official distributor of Milton Roy, a French company. This company is engaged in design and manufacture of dosing systems and pumps. The products that have already approved themselves in various countries of the world are used at many major production facilities in Russia.

Milton Roy has existed for more than fifty years during which its employees improve manufacturing processes and product quality. The company holds one of the leading positions in the market of dosing pumps and systems.

Application of Dosing Pumps

Such equipment as a dosing pump is required for those fields of applications where it is important to ensure the exact dose of liquid per certain period of time, for example:

  • swimming pools;
  • continuous chemical processes;
  • pharmaceutical, gas and other industries;
  • production of cosmetics;
  • systems of heating boilers;
  • beverage dispensing, etc.

In the wide range of Milton Roy equipment it is possible to find the products that can promptly supply the required amount of fluid per certain period of time.

Advantages of Milton Roy Equipment

Dosing pumps manufactured by the French company have a number of distinctive features and advantages:

  • the wide range of products includes items equipped with various types of actuators and control;
  • products are used for a great number of various purposes. The most frequently, they are used for treatment of water prior to supply;
  • they have high performance figures;
  • unique design of the pump allows its dry running for a long time; it will not cause damage to the equipment.

Milton Roy manufactures equipment that fully complies with Russian standards and requirements. Pumps have all necessary sanitary certificates. The customers using the dosing pumps include major breweries (Baltica), representatives of the dairy industry (Danone), metallurgical combines and many other entities.

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