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Mankenberg, a German trademark, was founded as far back as the late 19th century. Today the company is a leader in manufacture of control valves. The products of the German manufacturer are in great demand not only in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe but also in America.

Only high-quality materials and up-to-date technologies are used upon manufacture of valves. The main advantage of Mankenberg is a unique technology for processing of stainless steel. Due to the special manufacturing method maximum strength of the material is achieved.

Mankenberg valves are resistant to sudden changes in temperature and pressure, as well as to corrosion. It is significant that valves of this trademark can be purchased at a reasonable price.

ADL offers a wide range of valves of the German manufacturer. All products have a relevant Certificate of Quality and a guarantee.

Mankenberg control valves are used in heating, water supply and air conditioning systems.

The manufacturer produces:

  • pressure regulators (control valves with pilot control, emergency locking valves, pressure reducing valves and protection valves);
  • continuous and double-action air vents;
  • float steam traps of various standard sizes;
  • floating valves;
  • sight glasses.

Furthermore, among valves, the customer may also find special filters and separators. The manufacturer also produces relevant accessories for the control valves - various sight glasses.

In Mankenberg product mix one can find condensate pumps too.

ADL is ready to provide all necessary information on the control valves:

  • technical characteristics;
  • material of products;
  • service life;
  • cost.

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