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ADL sells high-quality plumbing and heating installations used in housing and utilities infrastructure as well as in the construction industry and the production sector.

To control hydro-pneumatic systems and pneumatic actuators of valves designed for pipelines, special equipment is used:

  • electropneumatic control cabinets;
  • valve assemblies;
  • distribution valves.

Using these types of devices, it is possible to meet a number of challenges relating to automatic control.

Equipment of Hafner Pneumatik, a German company, is characterized by high quality, reliability and durability. The German manufacturer uses modern technologies and materials upon production.

It is important to note that means of pneumatic automation that we offer have Certificates of Quality, and comply with the set norms and standards for the equipment of this type.

Technical characteristics of the pneumatic cabinets include:

  • inlet and outlet pressure;
  • air flow rate;
  • pipe diameter;
  • types of used valves;
  • permissible supply voltage;
  • type of control;
  • life of distributors;
  • temperature.

To manufacture pneumatic cabinets, such material as high-strength metal and plastic are used. To complete this type of cabinets, Hafner Pneumatik technical equipment is used. Herewith, the installation may consist of the following:

  • separately mounted valves;
  • distributors including explosion-proof ones;
  • air treatment units;
  • master controllers, etc.

Various sets of equipment make it possible to meet challenges of any complexity.

Our company assembles pneumatic cabinets at the line of its own production. ADL complex is located in the Moscow region.

Herewith, all equipment is tested for tightness, durability and functionality.

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