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Flamco: Equipment for World-Class Heating, Cooling and Water Supply Systems

Flamco equipment for heating, water supply and air conditioning systems. Catalogue of Flamco products: expansion vessels, air separators and receiving cones.

In the 1950s the company was the first to launch to the market a sealed heating system based on Flexcon expansion vessel. Initially, the product mix was narrow and modest. However, soon it was incredibly widened, and today more than 30 million Flamco vessels are installed all over the world.

The company manufactures:

  • expansion vessels with diaphragm (expansion/replaceable);
  • air separators;
  • pressurization plants;
  • air vents;
  • receiving cones;
  • accessories.

Advantages of Flamco Products

  • Robotized production minimizes human factor and improves quality of products
  • Painting prior to assembly precludes initiation of corrosion at the clamped edge
  • Wide product range - from air vents to automated booster pumping plants
  • Variety of standard sizes - volume of expansion vessels may vary from 2 to 12,500 l.

Three Types of Flamco Vessels

  • vessels with a diaphragm fixed for use in domestic and small utility systems;
  • vessels with replaceable diaphragms;
  • automatic expansion systems controlled with the help of compressors and used in large-scale heating, cooling or air conditioning systems.

If air enters into the heating system, it has a very negative effect on its operation. The company offers three options to solve this problem:

  • Flexvent air vents Ц designed for local removal of air, for example, in heat exchangers;
  • Flamcovent air separators Ц used to remove air from the entire heating system. The company has patented a unique method of PALL rings which is entirely new in the field of removal of water and gas and ensures good results;
  • It would be appropriate to use Flexair separators in pipelines through which liquid flows at extremely high speeds.

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