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DP-Pumps Pumping Equipment

ADL was founded twenty years ago in Moscow. The company is engaged in its own development and manufacturing as well as supplies of equipment of foreign firms. Over the years, the production managed to win respect of the competitors and to gain confidence of numerous customers.

Pumping equipment is a part of a vast range of offered products. ADL cooperates with many foreign companies one of which is DP-Pumps, a reliable legal entity.


DP-Pumps was founded fifty years ago in the Netherlands. All this time employees of the company have been working on development of new types of pumping plants and improvement of production processes. To manufacture its products, representatives of the company use high-quality stainless steel which has good technical features and long life cycle.

DP-Pumps pumps are widely used:

  • water supply;
  • water treatment;
  • production sector;
  • land irrigation;
  • cooling system, etc.

All products are characterized by high reliability and durability, and they comply with the international standards. Representatives of DP-Pumps choose quality equipment for their production, and they timely implement new technologies and developments.

Application of Pumping Equipment

Pumping equipment manufactured by DP-Pumps is characterized by high performance figures, durability, reliability and ease of maintenance. These devices may be used to arrange water supply systems in urban areas or in private houses. A wide range of products includes a great variety of modifications and version which have their own individual peculiarities and can be used for different purposes. High-grade DP-Pumps products can be used both for water and for liquid with chemically aggressive additives.

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