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CG Drives & Automation (Emotron)


Emotron cost-efficient frequency converters, soft starters, and shaft power monitors in stock. Catalogue of products, prices.

Emotron product range includes:

  • frequency converters
  • soft starters
  • shaft power monitors

One of the priorities for Emotron is manufacture of equipment improving energy efficiency in motor-driven systems. Since 2007 the company joined European Motor Challenge Programme (MCP) developed to popularize the idea of energy saving in motor-driven systems, and in 2008 it already became an honorary holder of the Motor Challenge Award.

In addition to high energy efficiency, Emotron products have several important advantages:

  • cost-effective installation and maintenance
  • large number of built-in functions
  • intuitive user and mechanical interfaces
  • possible data exchange with other devices used in your system via analogue, digital, serial or bus connections.

Emotron equipment is a real chance to create an energy-efficient installation!

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