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Caprari is the largest Italian manufacturer of pumping equipment with its own foundry and plant for production of electric motors which makes its possible to promptly manufacture pumps at an attractive price.

Caprari product range is represented by three main directions:

  • submersible pumps and linear rod pumps
  • submersible pumps for drainage water and units for aeration and oxygenation of waste water
  • centrifugal pumps of overhung type.

Caprari pumps have long been used successfully in Russia and have been widely recognized by professionals for high quality, efficiency and reliability. Despite industrial specialization of Caprari, you will also be able to find suitable pumping equipment for domestic water supply systems. CAPRARI is a leading manufacturer of pumps in Italy and it enjoys a good reputation all over the world thanks to service, high reliability of manufactured products and serious quality control. A wide range of products makes it easy to pick up the pumps for various applications: water supply, irrigation, pumping of waste and drainage water, and lifting of water from wells.

ADL, being the exclusive distributor of Caprari products, successfully presents them in the Russian market. In Russia, pumps of this company are installed at the sewage treatment stations of Sheremetyevo Airport, sewage treatment facilities in Izhevsk, in Voskresensk city sewage system and at many other facilities.

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