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AUMA: Reliable Electric Valve Actuators

Our catalog includes Auma products: electric actuators, and AUMA and AUMA MATIC controls of all sizes for use in various industries. Auma actuators facilitate maintenance of the pipeline and significantly improve equipment performance.

Where Are AUMA Actuators Used?

The actuators and valves with electric actuators are manufactured with due account for all sorts of innovations. They meet the strictest international safety and environmental requirements. Therefore, they can be used in any area where an electric valve actuator is required.

The equipment is the most widely used in the food and mining, chemical and metallurgical, pharmaceutical and cement industries.

Four Types of German Valve Actuators

Multi-turn devices are used to control all shutting-off mechanisms (valves, dampers). While part-turn items are designed to regulate operation of butterfly valves only.

Linear actuators are created for automated control of special-purpose valves. Lever models are used where the shutting-off mechanisms are equipped with pivoted levers.

Why Are AUMA Actuators So Popular around the World?

High demand is easy to explain by favorable price-quality ratio of the products. The companyТs actuators have several important advantages:

  • wide range of torques;
  • great variety of combinations with gearboxes;
  • rich assortment of actuators;
  • reliable materials, wear-resistant and protected against corrosion;
  • explosion-proof accessories (for some modes of actuators);
  • possible installation and use in hard-to-reach and unsafe for human places.

For many years ADL has been engaged in supply of AUMA equipment, and it brings the following products to your notice:

  • multi-turn actuators used to control all shutting-off mechanisms (valves, dampers);
  • part-turn products designed to regulate operation of butterfly valves only;
  • actuator controls AUMA MATIC and AUMATIC.

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