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Asco Numatics


Asco Numatics Is the Best Equipment for Automation of the Production Sector

Products of ASCO (Automatic Switch Company) are used all over the world. Specialists are not surprised by high demand for the products. The company manufactures accessories that combine the highest level of performance and low maintenance costs. Furthermore, products of Asco Numatics quickly pay for themselves.

Current range of ASCO products includes a great number of items including various types of valves, pneumatic cylinders, air control equipment and much more. Here you will find ready-made solutions for complex control systems, and small but important modifications of already existing equipment.

Advantages of Asco Numatics

The company was formed late in the 19th century, in 1888. Since then, specialists are engaged in development and manufacture of new models of valves and other products designed for automation of various processes.

The range of products of ADL includes the following goods of this manufacturer:

  • pneumatic automation equipment;
  • shut-off and control valves with various types of actuators;
  • distribution valves
  • pneumatic cylinders

Solenoid valves and other products of ASCO are manufactured at the plants of Great Britain, the Netherlands and France.

ADL delivers products directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries which guarantees absence of extra charges. You will get valves of the famous European company at the fair price.

Reputation of ASCO Numatics is confirmed by many thousands of closed transactions each of which has been beneficial to all parties. Having chosen the products of this company, you made the right choice. High quality, reliability and full functionality for many years of use are guaranteed. The range includes products designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

ADL manufactures and sells the best industrial goods. ASCO products enjoy non-declining popularity due to combination of excellent quality and reasonable price.

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