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To see a Letter on the Status of General Distributor (PDF, 197 Kb)

Armstrong is currently the largest network of manufacturing and engineering departments around the world, research and development in the field of optimization of technological processes using steam, gas, and hot water. In the territory of the Russian Federation, ADL is the General Distributor offering a full range of Armstrong products.
Armstrong is primarily a wide range of steam traps for different steam and condensate systems. It includes:

  • mechanical (float and inverted bucket);
  • thermostatic;
  • bimetallic and encapsulated;
  • and thermodynamic steam traps.

A special feature is possibility to mount these steam traps in any position on the pipeline using universal connector which simplifies operation and maintenance of the system, and significantly redues the time of repair.

Armstrong produces unique products, such as multi-purpose condensate removal unit equipped with piston valves, a purge valve and a filter, and enabling possible connection of remote monitoring and testing devices. This unit is mounted on a header of heat tracers widely used primarily in the oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries ensuring energy-efficient and safe operation with lower costs for installation and maintenance. In addition to the above equipment, in a range of Armstrong products one should also highlight the float and thermostatic air vents designed to remove non-condensing gases from the heat and water supply, and steam and condensate systems, as well as pressure and temperature regulators making it possible to maintain the required operating parameters of systems.
Conclusion of an agreement on long-term partnership with Armstrong is a strategic policy of leadership in supplies and implementation of the up-to-date and efficient solutions and equipment for steam and condensate systems of plants in any industry in every Russian region.

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